Turks in Europe

Turks in Europe
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Adı/Naam: Turks in Europe
EAN: 9789077814130
Dil/Taal: Ingilizce - Engels
Baskı/Druk: TürkEvi
Yazar/Schrijver: Talip Küçükcan -  Veyis Güngör
Turks in Europe: Culture, Identity and Integration brings together sociologists, anthropologists, political scientists and experts in educational and cultural studies to address current issues, policy options and future trends vis-a-vis Turks in Europe and their role as intermediaries between Turkey and the European Union. This book not only provides the mosst comprehensive picture of 4.5 million Turks in Europe but also offers cutting edge ideas, analyses and recommendations on a wide range of challenges to which modern European societies cannot avoid paying closer attention. Although Turkey`s journey to Europe has a long history, and both parties hava political, cultural and economic exchanges spanning centuries, a culturalist approach has emerged against Turkey`s EU membership. Based on original research, this volume domonstrates that he Euro-Turks can bridge Turkey and the European Union. This book will be an indispensable resource for social scientists, researchers, policy makers and students.
Talip Kucukcan, Professor of Sociology and Religion, Marmara University, Istanbul & Seta Foundation, Ankara Turkey.
Veyis Gungor, Director, Turkevi Research Centre, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.